Capturing imaginations with

our unique games

Our platform consists of beautifully crafted Maths and English games that follow an engaging storyline to create a fun and productive learning environment.

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Go on an exciting

learning adventure

Players lead the protagonist, Rubik, through a magical universe with the aim to defeat the ominous Monochrine. The world has ten islands that players need conquer.

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Play and learn


With one purchase, users can access accounts and games across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Games give children

Instant feedback

Each game provides full answers for each question. This allows children to identify and review problem areas. Watch your children learn and improve while they play!

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Multiple skills covered over an

array of questions!

Our games are unique not only in their design but also their specific focus. They help children prepare for exams in the most fun way possible: playing games!

We know exactly what's required to succeed in examinations and have harnessed our years of experience to create a powerful educational tool that will help your child maximise their potential.

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Fun rewards to help

drive learning

We motivate children to do their best by rewarding them for their performance and providing plenty of positive reinforcement. They earn stars and special badges based on their scores and achievements.

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One account,

multiple profiles!

Parents, teachers and tutors can manage multiple profiles from one dashboard. This makes it easy to monitor each child’s performance.

Contact us if you'd like to use our games in your school or educational establishment. We offer discounts for bulk purchases.

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Monitor progress from a

Simple dashboard

Teachers, parents, and tutors can keep an eye on children’s progress from an all-in-one dashboard. The dashboard assesses the child’s performance and highlights areas of strength and weakness. Our games are the ideal complementary resource to help support your child's educational journey.

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