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Educational games for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams
Rubik`s Rescue Mission is a beautifully designed online game that makes learning engaging and fun.
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Helps children excel in maths and english
Deep coverage of the core syllabus in these key subjects.
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Created by education professionals
Follows a targeted educational programme created by assessment experts.
Watch as they excel at

Maths and English

Our educational games focus on developing your child's key Maths and English skills. The level of difficulty increases as children advance through the game, encouraging them to rise to the challenge, boosting their skills and confidence.

The games are designed to complement and reinforce ongoing learning in the classroom and at home. They are a great resource for teachers, parents and tutors.

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Game discounts

We offer a discount of 20% for purchases over £50. You only have to buy two or more games!